You know what we at Hempsters love about hemp? There is nothing greener than hemp.

We challenge anyone to find a more sustainable plant than hemp.

Hemp does not require pesticides or herbicides to grow.

Depending on our audience you may or may not know what companion planting is. So here is a brief example. It is a pretty famous example among organic gardeners and permaculture plant guild builders. This set of companions is called the “Three Sisters”. They “work together” and form a symbiotic relationship.

What are the three sisters?

  • Corn
  • Beans
  • Squash

The corn acts as a support structure for the beans to grow on. The beans, because of symbiotic bacteria, sequester nitrogen in the soil from the atmosphere. Corn loves nitrogen. Lastly, the squash acts as a ground cover for the beans and corn, this helps retain moister and it also helps to lessen the growth of unwanted plants aka weeds but not weed!

Cannabis is a companion plant too! According to this article, McPartland, John M. 1997. Cannabis as repellent and pesticide. Journal of the International Hemp Association 4(2): 87-92 Cannabis. Cannabis can be used for a range of things. In the article mentioned above, they discuss E. Coli being reduced with CBD, cannabis leaves added to compost reduce nematodes, extracts from cannabis can even be used as a pesticide, check out the article there are a lot of uses. 

Hemp is even beneficial to the soil and it makes a great rotation crop.

Industrial farmers need to switch things up here and there and they need to plant different crops from time to time to let the soil rest and to reduce the chances of disease etc. Hemp is a perfect rotation crop for farmers. Read about it here from the Nova Institute.

This company even makes fabric from nettle, yes that’s right the stinging nettle plant makes an excellent fabric!


Anyways Camira is starting to make things from hemp! Check them out!

  • 31 Colors
  • Hemp and Wool Blend
  • Flame Retardant

Learn more about their new hemp fabric.


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